Everything You Need To Know About Kyanite


Kyanite is a stunning, luxurious, and extremely rare gemstone. Kyanite is a big favorite among crystal lovers around the world due to its wide variety of colours, scarcity, and several healing properties.

If you're curious about kyanite,  we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions such as where does it come from, why is it so rare, and what are its healing properties?

What Exactly is Kyanite? What Does Kyanite Mean?

Kyanite crystals are a rare mineral that forms under extreme pressure within metamorphic rocks. Kyanite gemstone is created when sedimentary rocks undergo metamorphism, which results in high pressure changes to the clay minerals within.

Various meanings have been attributed to this rare and powerful crystal over the decades of its use by humans; however, the most significant characteristics surrounding the symbolism of the kyanite stone include clarity, curing, and protection.

Where do the best and most genuine Kyanite Gemstones come from?

Kyanite gemstones are typically found in Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, Brazil, Switzerland, Russia, and certain American states. Today, the best and most authentic kyanite gemstones are still found in Nepal and Tibet.

Why is Kyanite such a precious gemstone?

The gemstones are considered rare for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they are pleochroic, which means that the colour changes depending on the angle from which the gemstone is viewed. Blue kyanite gemstones with hues ranging from clear to blue to green and teal are very popular.

Another reason kyanite is a rare gemstone is how difficult it is to cut. It is available in two forms, each with a different level of hardness. The crystals are usually narrow, long blades, but regardless, it is extremely difficult to cut them into the necessary shape and size for jewelry, which contributes to their scarcity.

Who should put on Kyanite?

People looking for healing gemstones that improve communication should consider purchasing kyanite jewelry. Those looking for an alternative to the often expensive blue sapphire gemstone can take solace in the fact that some kyanite stones have historically been so similar to sapphire colors. 

Perks of Kyanite

  • Kyanite stone has a variety of uses, including crystal healing and manufacturing processes. 

  • Surprisingly, kyanite's heat resistance makes it an ideal ingredient in molds used to cast heated metals into various shapes.

  • There are several choices to make if you want to use kyanite crystal for healing. The simplest and most common method is to simply wear a piece of kyanite jewelry on your body.

  • Some people find that more intentional practices, such as crystal meditation, help them benefit more from the healing properties of kyanite.

  • It is beneficial to performers and public speakers because it strengthens the voice and heals the throat and larynx.

  • It stimulates communication and self-expression by opening the throat chakra.

  • It relieves stress, frustration, anger, and perplexity. It allows for the expression of linear and logical thoughts.

  • It also protects you from negative vibrations and energy.